Vogue Jeff, and Loveable Jan 1963/Sweetheart Jan/1964
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Excerpted from the 1958 Fold-Out Catalog:
I'm Jeff
...Jeff's clothes run the gamut from formal wear for evening, to the most rugged for fun and sports.  Look for them
at your favorite Vogue Doll dealer.
Excerpted from the 1959 Fold-Out Catalog:
I'm 11" tall and can stand, walk and sleep... I've got clothes for all the different things I like to do.  (In all-vinyl with
sculptured head, moving arms, legs and eyes.)  Dressed in shorts - $3.00
Outfit 6330 $2.00 Tan chino pants, brown leather belt, Ivy League striped shirt with 3 white snap buttons
Outfit 6310 $1.50 Two-piece pajamas of beige Broadcloth
Outfit 6311 $1.50 Plaid bathrobe with sash belt
Outfit 6331 $2.00 Cabana Suit swim trunks w/matching shirt lined with yellow terry cloth, and scuffs
Outfit 6332 $2.00 Blue jeans w/black belt and long-sleeve black jersey
Outfit 6333 $2.00 Grey Bermudas, black belt, red checked shirt and knee-length black jersey socks
Outfit 6334 $2.00 Tweed sport jacket
Outfit 6360 $3.00 Black felt ski pants, aqua zipper jacket, black boots, black ear band and skis and poles
Outfit 6361 $3.00 Water repellent lined beige nylon car coat and Tweed Ivy League cap
Outfit 6380 $4.00 Navy wool felt suit with shirt and bow tie
Outfit 6381 $4.00 Tuxedo with white wool jacket, shirt, plaid cummerbund and tie and corsage
1959:  Accessories: 6510 $.50 Shoes & socks in brown & black; 6511 $.50  Cotton jersey briefs
Outfit 6410 $1.50 Red and white dot broadcloth pajamas
Outfit 6411 $1.50 Red flannel bathrobe with sash and scuffs
Outfit 6430 $2.00 Chino slacks with blue striped shirt and belt
Outfit 6431 $2.00 Denim jeans with yellow jersey and belt
Outfit 6432 $2.00 Navy Bermuda shorts and red paisley shirt, belt and navy knee socks
Outfit 6460 $3.00 Yellow football helmet (and red), colored jersey (green, blue, navy, red) and beige pants
Outfit 6461 $3.00 Rodeo outfit in blue twill with silver fringe, belt, 2-gun holster, hat and boots
Outfit 6462 $3.00 Phantom ice skater in black metallic jersey with mask and ice skates
Outfit 6463 $3.00 Green wool felt ski pants, green plaid jacket & felt visor cap w/boots, skis and poles
Outfit 6464 $3.00 Oxford grey wool felt suit w/white shirt, bow tie and belt
Outfit 6465 $3.00 Tuxedo of black broadcloth with silk lapels with black tie, white shirt and belt
Outfit 6310 $1.50 Pajamas in assorted prints
Outfit 6311 $1.50 Faded blue denim jeans with orange and white jersey and black belt
Outfit 6330 $2.00 Beige chino pants and blue striped shirt
Outfit 6332 $2.00 Grey flannel baseball with red trim, red and white striped sox and red felt baseball cap
Outfit 6360 $3.00 Gold football helmet and royal blue jersey and beige pants
Outfit 6361 $3.00 Red and white with gold fringe trim Western outfit with 2-gun holster, hat and boots
Outfit 6364 $3.00 Blue wool felt suit with shirt, bow tie and belt
Outfit 6365 $3.00 Black tuxedo with silk lapels, black tie, white shirt and belt
Excerpted from Hi! I'm Jeff 1958 Vogue Dolls, Inc. & Hi! I'm Jeff...a member of the Ginny Doll Family, Vogue Dolls, Inc.
fold-out catalogs & Hi! I'm 11" Jeff Vogue Dolls, Inc. one-sheet.    
L-6331 R-6463
L-6380/6364  R-6464
Outfit 6431
Outfit 6462
Outfit 6311
6460 & 6360
6361, 6332, 6334
L-6432 R-6333
L-6461 R-6361
L-6381, C-6465/6365
L-6411 R-6410
6310 (various) R-6311
L-6511 R-6332
6380 tie
Loveable Jan 1963/Sweetheart Jan 1964
Only outfit to match Jill, Jan
Ginny, Ginnette
Outfit 6360
Jan was redesigned in rigid
vinyl/soft arms and reintroduced in
1963.  Marked Vogue on back of
neck.  She was 12", with a
noticeably longer swivel neck;
sleep eyes with painted lashes;
blush cheeks and pale lipstick.  
Flat feet.  Rooted hair in blond,
platinum, brunette and auburn.  
She had eight outfits in 1963.  In
1964, the same doll was marketed
as Sweetheart Jan, with six outfits.

In 1963, she was marketed as a big
sister to Jill and because of the
difference in size, had a separate