1963 & 1965 Vogue Jill
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Excerpted from the 1963 Fold-Out Catalog:
"The Fashion Leaders in Doll Society" created by Vogue Dolls
For years, Vogue Dolls have been noted for their unique appeal, play value, durability and for the pleasure they have
brought into the hearts of little girls everywhere as well as for the design and reliability of their costumes.  This is
why you will find vogue Dolls only in the finer toy departments and specialty stores that cater to their customers
with the very best.
VOGUE DOLLS are made to be loved.

The first of the teenage big sister dolls and a full fledged member of the "Ginny Doll Family" is 10-1/2 inch Jill and
her wardrobe of sweet teen fashions... Made of durable skin-soft plastic with soft vinyl head and rooted hair in the
popular chignon style.  Undressed doll 3.00, dressed dolls from 4.00 to 5.00 and outfits from 1.00 to 2.00.
Text excerpted from: Vogue Dolls are made to be loved, Quality dolls cherished by little mothers everywhere, created by
Vogue Dolls, Inc. 1963 Fold-Out Catalog.   
Basic Doll 6032
Outfit 60540
Outfit 60541
Outfit 60545
Outfit 60546
Outfit 60547
Outfit 60550
Outfit 60551
Outfit 60752
#300 Colonial Days
#301 Revolutionary Days
#302 Frontier Days
#303 Southern Belle
#304 Victorian Era
#305 The Gibson Girl
1965 History Land Series
1965 was the final year of production for Vogue Jill.   Vogue featured Jill in the History Land series, appearing in six
costumes from different eras in American history.   These dolls are extremely difficult to find today and are sought
after by collectors.  
1965 History Land Jill
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