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Excerpted from the 1962 Catalog:
I'm all new Jill
The big 10-1/2 inch teenage sister of Ginny and ginnette...I'm made of a special new material now and have a soft
vinyl head with rooted hair...
Dressed in chemise and shoes with Angel bob in platinum, brunette or auburn, I sit, stand or walk and have
movable joints and eyes - $3.00.

Outfit only 60340 $1.00 Colored, lace-trimmed sheer "baby-doll" pajama set with satin bows
Outfit 60341 $1.00 White cotton deck pants with rope belt and bright red jersey
Outfit 60345 $1.50 Two-piece aqua flowered knit sheath with satin band and gold motif
Outfit 60346 $1.50 Rose velvety pants and pink fleecy sweater
Outfit 60347 $1.50 Yellow strapless dress with contrasting rick-rack and embroidered flower trim
Outfit 60350 $2.00 Strapless blue batiste party dress with embroidered flower banding and lace trim
Outfit 60351 $2.00 Black sheath with fringe skirt and pearl necklace
Outfit only 60352 $2.00 Pink wool felt flair coat with stand-up collar and pill box hat
Outfit 60360 $3.00 White lace sheath with overskirt and collar, net veil and sequin bag
Outfit 60370 $4.00 Lace-trimmed white nylon bridal gown with satin sash, bouquet and tulle veil
All New Jill
Outfit 60340
Outfit 60341
Outfit 60345
Outfit 60346
Outfit 60347
Outfit 60352
Outfit 60351
Outfit 60350
Outfit 60370
Outfit 60360
Text excerpted from Fashion Leaders in Doll Society 1962, A quality family of dolls and their outfits cherished by little
mothers everywhere, created by Vogue Dolls, Inc.  
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