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Excerpted from the 1960 Catalog:
Basic Jan Doll $3.00 I'm 10-1/2" tall with beautiful rooted hair.  I stand, walk and sleep.  I'm available in two hair styles - angel
cut and pony tail - in blonde, brunette or auburn.  Dressed in pantie girdle, bra, and shoes.
Basic Jill Doll $3.00 I'm 10-1/2" tall and I stand, sleep, walk, bend my knees and cross my ankles.  I am available in two hair
styles - angel cut and pony tail - in blonde, brunette or auburn.  Dressed in pantie girdle, bra, and shoes.   Rephrase!

Outfit 3300 $1.00 Two-piece pajamas in colorful assorted fabric
Outfit 3301 $1.00 Bathing suit with solid color bodice and crisp plaid pleated skirt
Outfit 3302 $1.00 Print skirt with lace-trimmed white yoke and plastic belt
Outfit 3303 $1.00 Faded blue denim jeans and colored jersey with belt
Outfit 3310 $1.50 Aqua and white cropped top edged with lace and teamed with an aqua polished cotton skirt
Outfit 3311 $1.50 Black velveteen pants with colorful striped cummerbund and white satin shirt
Outfit 3312 $1.50 Pink checked off-the-shoulder dress edged with embroidered banding
Outfit 3313 $1.50 Black and white cotton dress with colorful collar and matching belt and purse
Outfit 3314 $1.50 Red scoop-necked jersey and white lace harem skirt with velvet cummerbund (black or green)
Outfit 3325 $1.50 Raincoat of clear vinyl lined with gay prints with attached hood and matching tote bag
Outfit 3330 $2.00 Red cotton dress with lace banding. Lace stole ties at waist with velvet ribbon
Outfit 3331 $2.00 Double-breasted brown felt jacket over a colorful plaid skirt and green bodice
Outfit 3332 $2.00 Yellow dress with lace-trimmed white organdy band, organdy collar w/flower motif and yellow kerchief   
Outfit 3333 $2.00 Sailing outfit of blue pants, white middy with red-striped V-insert, white felt hat &  tote-bag w/nautical motif
Outfit 3334 $2.00 Cook-out white chef's hat and apron with rooster motif over a sleeveless red checked dress   
Outfit 3345 $2.00 Honey colored felt coat tied high in front with black velvet ribbon, w/matching velvet cloche & clutch purse
Outfit 3360 $3.00 Skirt of black tulle and pink taffeta with black jersey & velvet cummerbund with pearl trim & velvet hat  
Outfit 3361 $3.00 Rodeo gold fringed outfit of red and white cotton w/gun in its holster and wide brimmed hat and boots
Outfit 3362 $3.00Blue nylon dress; the yoke is strapless, with white lace jacket, lacy straw cloche and satin sequined purse  
Outfit 3363 3.00 Turquoise felt suit w/velvet bodice, short jacket & matching hat; skirt is edged with black fringe, straw bag  
Outfit 3380 $4.00 Gown of red tulle  with pearl trimmed velvet cummerbund and pearls in her hair
Outfit 3381 $4.00 Point D'esprit and gleaming satin bridal gown with chapel length veil w/pearl studded tiara and bouquet
Text excerpted from the Hi! We're 10-1/2" Jill and Jan 1960 brochure.
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