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On July 26, 2011, Dave Smith, CEO of
The Vogue Doll Company and Alice
Leverett, Director of Design, presented
the new Jill doll, produced from the
1950's vintage mold, to the attendees
of the Prom Dreams Luncheon at the
UFDC convention in Anaheim, CA.  I
was one of the attendees opening a
box, and was pleased to hear a gasp
of delight when the lunch-goers got
their first glimpse of Prom Dreams Jill,
who has blue sleep eyes and molded  
lashes (
limited edition of 100).  A
companion Ginny doll, Prom Dreams
Sister, was also available (
edition of 100
                                               New for 2012, The Vogue Doll Company Vintage Jill

The 2012 supplement to the 2011 Vogue Catalog presents the new Vintage Jill and Vintage Ginny Sisters.
Alice Leverett has created fashions for Vintage Jill and Vintage Ginny, inspired by the outfits worn by the sisters
in Vogue's early years.  (See the pictures on the previous page of the outfits in the pre-production stage.)

Vintage Jill is described in the 2012 Supplement:  "Created from an antique Jill, she has the original face, sleep
eyes and body sculpt.  Complemented with beautiful wigs, costumes and oh, those fabulous shoes Jill is ready for
any special occasion.

Four dolls and one clothing pack are available for 2012.        
Ribbons and Roses, Limited Edition 250
Garden Party, Limited Edition 350
Simply Elegant, Limited Edition 350
Sunday Best, Limited Edition 350
Black Lingerie Clothing Pack
Also in 2012, The Vogue Doll Company
presented exclusively for Fire-Flies: Sleigh
Bells Ring Ginny in a Limited Edition of 100
Pieces, and Are You Listening? painted-eye
JIll in a Limited Edition of 100 Pieces.