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The International Doll Expo (IDEX) was held from January 27-30, 2011, in Orlando, Florida.  This was the
20th anniversary of IDEX, which is a major show for exhibitors, buyers and collectors of dolls, bears and
other collectibles.  Manufacturers, artists, retailers, buyers and collectors come together at this yearly
convention, and the newest items in a company's product lines are often introduced at this show.

Linda Smith, President of Vogue Doll Company, and new designer Alice Leverett, attended the convention
and brought exciting news for Vogue Jill and Ginny collectors.  Diane Milla posted a report and pictures from
the convention on a Yahoo! Groups web site.  She has graciously allowed me to publish her photos on this
page and to quote her comments:

"Big news is the production of a Jill doll from the original vintage mold of the 50s. The outfits on display are
Alice's interpretations of vintage Jill outfits and there will be matching outfits for Ginny. The new doll will
have articulated legs, knees and arms like the vintage Jill. The current new Jill has articulated elbows but
Alice said that those arms stick out from the body unlike the original arms on the vintage Jill and it makes a
difference  in the design of the outfits. The new vintage is still in pre-production so the ones in the pictures
are original dolls from the 50s...." Diane Milla

Jill's fashions with new interpretations are 1957 outfit 7507, and 1959 outfits 3430 and 3460, some of my
favorite Jill designs.
 See the next page for the actual new dolls!

Original Jill in 1957 Outfit 7507
Proposed new Jill and Ginny sister
interpretations of 1957 outfit 7507.
Original Jill in 1959
outfit 3430.
Proposed new Jill and Ginny sister
interpretations of 1959 outfit 3430.
Original Jill in 1959 outfit
1959 hat to outfit 3460.
Proposed new Jill
interpretation of 1959
outfit 3460.
Proposed Ginny sister outfit
interpretation to 1959 Jill outfit
1          2007 Jill's Prom Night (100 LE) Guys and Dolls Doll Club
2          2007 Prom Night 5.5" Mini Ginny (
100 LE) Guys and Dolls Doll Club
3          2007 Prom Night 8" Ginny Outfit (
100 LE) Guys and Dolls Doll Club
4          2007 Jill's Prom Night Centerpiece
(24 LE) Guys and Dolls Doll Club
5          2008 UFDC Jill in Vogue (
6          2009 21st Century Jill Evening Elegance (250)
7          2009 21st Century Jill Golden Glow (250)
8          2009 21st Century Jill Starlet (250)
9          2009 21st Century Jill Poodle Walk w/Capris (250) (wearing skirt w/dog)
10        2009 21st Century Jill Poodle Walk w/Capris (wearing capris/glasses) modeled by 2010 Dress Me Doll Blond
11        2009 21st Century Jill Lunching in Lavender (250)
12        2009 UFDC Georgia Peach Jill Peaches & Cream (
135 LE)
13        2009 UFDC Mint Julep Jill Centerpiece (
15 LE)
14        2009 MDCC Car Hop Jill Centerpiece (
50 LE)
15        2009 Car Hop 5.5" Mini Ginny (
150 LE)
16        2010 Back to Basics Jill Dinner and a Show Dressed Doll (250)
17        2010 Back to Basics Jill Coney Island Dress Pack modeled by 2010 Dress Me Doll Redhead
18        2010 Back to Basics Jill At the Automat Dress Pack modeled by 2010 Dress Me Doll Brunette
19        2010 Back to Basics Jill Park Avenue Shopping Dressed Doll (100) (also available as Dress Pack only)
20        2010 Back to Basics Jill Dress Me Doll African-American
21        2010 MDCC Kaleidoscope Jill Centerpiece (
50 LE) (A 5.5" Mini Ginny was produced-shown in insert)
22        2011 Through the Years with Jill (
110 LE) Keepsake Doll Club 50th Anniversary
2007-2011 Jill
In April 2011, the
Keepsake Doll Club of
New Jersey celebrated
its 50th anniversary,
highlighting the event
with a limited edition
(110)   Through the
Years Jill doll.

Therefore, to capture
an image of all the
wonderful new Jill dolls
produced between
2007 and April 2011,  I
believe the picture
above shows every
retail and limited edition
doll made in those
2011 Through the Years Jill
(close-up of purse shown
in insert)