2009 21st Century Jill and 2010 Back to Basic Jill
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Excerpted from The Vogue Doll Company web site: All material and images copyright 2008, The Vogue
Doll Company, Inc.  All Rights reserved worldwide.  Ginny (R)....Jill(R), ....are registered trademarks of
Vogue Doll Company, Inc.   
Following her comeback debut in 2007 at the Guys and Dolls Doll Club luncheon in Vancouver, but not yet added to the Vogue
line of dolls, the new Jill was featured at the Very Vogue Luncheon at the 2008 UFDC convention in Las Vegas.  

As in 2007, the 2008 Jill has jointed knees and elbows for posing.  The most instantly noticeable change between the 2007
Jill and 2008 Jill are the newly painted blue eyes.  The texture of the hair is softer and the style has been changed to a side
part.  2008 Jill is 10 inches tall, and wears a 1950's Vogue Magazine inspired red silk dress, and lace trimmed panties and
slip and textured hose.  Her black purse matches her pumps, and she wears a yellow felt hat trimmed with a black ribbon.  
Her wrist tag identifies that she is, "A Vogue Doll", and the dress is tagged, "2008 The Vogue Doll Company, Inc."  Plans for
adding Jill to The Vogue Doll Company line were not announced.

In 2009, attendees at the IDEX doll show in January were excited to see the new 21st Century Jill Collection from The Vogue
Doll Company.  Five dolls were presented: Lunching in Lavender, Starlet, Poodle Walk, Golden Glow and Evening Elegance,
each a limited edition of 250.  Sculpted by Susan Waukeen, the dolls have rooted hair and are articulated at the knees and
elbows.  All the dolls have jewelry and hose, and some dolls have gloves.  The dolls have painted fingernails and toenails and
it appears the eyes are painted to match the outfits.   Also in 2009, three special edition dolls were created: 2009 UFDC
centerpiece Mint Julep Jill, 2009 UFDC souvenir doll Georgia Peach (Peaches and Cream) and 2009 MDCC Car Hop Jill.  

New for 2010 is the Back to Basics offering:  Four Dress Me Dolls (blond, raven, African American, redhead); Dinner and A
Show and Park Avenue Shopping dressed dolls; and Coney Island and At the Automat clothing packs (also Park Avenue
Shopping); and "Kaleidoscope Jill" a Vogue Lunch Centerpiece LE doll of 50 at the Modern Doll Collectors Convention held in
September 2010.
Lunching in Lavender
2009 21st Century Jill
2009 21st Century Jill
Golden Glow
2009 21st Century Jill
Poodle Walk w/Capris
2009 21st Century Jill
Evening Elegance
2009 21st Century Jill
2010 Back to Basics Jill:
3 Dress Packs
2 Dressed Dolls
4 Dress Me Dolls
2010 African American
Dress Me Doll
2010 Park Avenue
Back view detail
2010 Dinner
and A Show
2010 Coney
2010 Park
2010 At the Automat
2009 21st Century Jill