2007/2008/2009/2010  Vogue Jill!
                        ON JUNE 16, 2007, A BRAND NEW JILL WAS INTRODUCED!  

A luncheon, hosted by the Guys & Dolls Doll Club, was held at the Red Lion Hotel Vancouver at
the Quay in Vancouver, WA.

The theme of the event was "Jill's Prom Night!", and the special attraction was the introduction of
a premier red-hair Prom Night Jill, limited to 100 dolls, by the Vogue Doll Company.  Additionally,
another new Jill, a brunette, was the Centerpiece doll, and was limited to only 24 dolls.  
Certificates accompanied the dolls indicating the limited editions.

The new Jill is 10.5 inches with painted eyes and jointed knees and arms.  It was announced at the
luncheon that production of Jill is not expected until 2008, so features of the final doll may differ
from the 2007 Prom Night and Centerpiece dolls.  

In addition to the new Jill, there was a new 5.5 inch Mini Ginny in an outfit matching Prom Night
Jill,and a matching outfit was also created for 8 inch Ginny.
(L) - Brunette - 2007 Centerpiece Jill (limited to 24 dolls)
(R) - Red Hair - 2007 Prom Night Jill   (limited to 100 dolls)
(L) - 1957 Jill in Outfit 7509
(R) - 2007 Prom Night Jill
(L) - 2007 Centerpiece Doll
(R) - 1959 Jill in Outfit 3465 - black
velvet strapless and wide-swirling
skirt of frothy white lace.  Full
taffeta petticoat.
2007 Centerpiece Jill and her fabulous dressing
room furniture, accessories, dog and stole.
Back row:
(L) 2007 Prom Night Jill; (R) 2007 Centerpiece Jill
Front row:
(L) 2007 Mini Ginny; (R) vintage
Ginny in 2007 outfit matching Jill's Prom Night
Excerpted from The Vogue Doll Company web site: All material and images copyright 2008, The Vogue
Doll Company, Inc.  All Rights reserved worldwide.  Ginny (R)....Jill(R), ....are registered trademarks of
Vogue Doll Company, Inc.   
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